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Latest Blog Posts

The New King ACS Course Now Available!

It has been personal. It has been passionate. It has taken a long time. Many caring, competent members of the aviation training community have given countless hours of their time, traveling many thousands of miles. Every one of them has been stirred by needless accidents, where lives might have been saved if only those pilots…  [ Read More ]

When You Declare an Emergency

Staying in Command Article appeared in Flying Magazine March, 2016 by John King – The light on the panel said “OIL1.” It was telling us we had low oil pressure in the left engine. We didn’t believe it. In 14 years of flying our old Falcon 10 we had never seen an “OIL” light come on….  [ Read More ]

Rich Martindell, VP at King Schools Awarded a 2016 General Aviation Award

FAA’s 50 plus year tradition recognizes aviation professionals for their contributions to general aviation San Diego – Richard Martindell, King School’s VP of Course Content and Experience has been named FAA 2016 Safety Team Representative of the Year. Every year for more than 50 years, the General Aviation Awards program and the Federal Aviation Administration…  [ Read More ]

A Sporting Chance

Up Close and Personal with the Military Article appeared in Flying Magazine February, 2016 by Martha King – “You just flew through a Military Training Route.” The controller was agitated. Since whatever had happened had happened, and we were already within 10 miles of Thermal’s non-towered airport, John told the controller we were leaving his…  [ Read More ]

King Schools Reaches Agreement with VisionSafe Corporation

King Schools to Host the Emergency Vision Assurance System (EVAS®) Training Course on their Online Learning Platform April 19, 2016 San Diego, California VisionSafe Corporation, the creator of the Emergency Vision Assurance System, (EVAS®) has reached an agreement with King Schools to host their EVAS Training Course on the King Schools online learning platform, iLearn….  [ Read More ]

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2016/06/30 @ 1:15
The King Schools Private Pilot Practical Test Course covering the new ACS guidelines is a must have for every #studentpilot #flighttraining
2016/06/30 @ 1:11
Hear John & Martha's talk on ACS Risk Management Strategy 7/27/16—1:00 PM at the FAA Safety Center, #EAA #AirVenture #generalaviation
2016/06/28 @ 0:06
Come by King Schools Booth at #EAA #Oshkosh - Hangar A. 1131. See you there!
2016/06/28 @ 0:02
KINGs Private Practical Test course is updated w/ the ACS checkride demos, order yours today https://t.co/xCRweczfva online crs auto updated
2016/06/15 @ 7:51
Hear John and Martha's talk on #ACS Risk Management Strategy EAA #AirVenture at the AOPA Program Pavilion 7/26 2PM https://t.co/3mmyo6CkDn FunFlying photo


King Schools

http://www.kingschools.com/?sco=WB&scu=FACEBK01 Born from a Passion for Flying King Schools, Inc. is the world´s leading producer of aviation training videos and computer software. It was first established in 1974, when John and Martha began flying throughout the country to teach ground school courses. A decade later, they began producing video courses in a spare room of their house. Today, King Schools has over 70 employees operating from an 18,000 sq. ft. complex, housing a dedicated video production and duplication facility. In the past 10 years we have delivered more than 2-1/2 million videos with over 4 million hours of video instruction, teaching up to one-half of the instrument students and over one-third of all pilots in the U.S. obtaining training. We are keenly aware of the importance of the work we do. During the time someone is learning to fly, flying is the most important thing in his or her life. We are privileged to play such a significant role in the lives of such committed individuals. We take pride in producing quality work for these special people.
King Schools
King Schools2016/07/01 @ 9:41
King Schools 4th of July 20% Off Sale!

Go to KingSchools.com, enter the discount code FB4 at checkout to get your 20% discount. Or call King Schools at (800) 854-1001 or (858) 541-2200, talk to a Pilot Advisor and ask for the FB4 discount to save 20%. This sale ends 7/6/16 at 8:00 PM PT.
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King Schools
King Schools2016/06/30 @ 4:09
Come One, Come All - Come visit with the folks from King Schools at #EAA #AirVenture July 25 - 31, Hangar A - Booth 1131.

John and Martha will have talks on ACS Risk Management Strategy:

July 26, 2016—2:00 PM at the AOPA Program Pavilion, EAA AirVenture

July 27, 2016—1:00 PM at the FAA Safety Center, EAA AirVenture
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King Schools
King Schools2016/06/25 @ 7:52
King Schools has released a new version of our “Private Pilot Practical Test (Oral Exam & Flight Test)” that showcases a simulated checkride with the Airman Certification Standards (ACS).

Read more about it on Martha's Blog post below and you can order your course today.
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King Schools
King Schools2016/06/14 @ 10:06
NAFI presents "The ACS is Here!" Webinar - Wed., June 15 at 7 p.m. CT. NAFI Vice President Phil Poynor will moderate a panel that includes King Schools co-founder John KIng and a panel of additional experts.

Great content, good reason to join NAFI
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King Schools
King Schools2016/06/10 @ 4:12
The changeover from the Practical Test Standards (PTS) to the Airman Certification Standards (ACS) is happening on June 15th. for the Private Pilot and the Instrument Rating. What does this change mean to you? Tell us your thoughts.
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