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On The Ground Wishing You Were In The Air?

What Rusty Pilots Need to Know About Getting Back to Flying Are you a rusty pilot? Depending on what you fly, it doesn’t take long to get rusty. Tens of thousands of pilots across the U.S. are rusty, lapsed, or simply out of currency. In other words, they have valid certifications, but wouldn’t consider themselves […]

Pilots Who Should Scare Us

Article appeared in Flying Magazine July , 2014 by John King – If you are ready to deal with the answer, here’s something you can try the next time you are in a room full of pilots. Ask them to hold up their hands if the answer to this question for them is “yes.” “How […]

The Honorable Company of Air Pilots Trophies & Awards 2014

NORTH AMERICAN REGION WINNERS: A USAF SPECIAL OPERATIONS SQUADRON, AN AVIATION LEADER, AND A COUPLE INSPIRING THOUSANDS OF PILOTS, ARE CHOSEN TO RECEIVE 2014 AWARDS The United States Air Force 3rd Special Operations Squadron has been chosen to receive the Johnston Memorial Trophy for its outstanding performance of airborne systems. The 3rd SOS operates the […]