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22 % Off Sale on any King Schools Courses!

King Schools is having their biggest sale of the year.  22% Off any King Schools Course! Use the code King19 to get your discount.  Enter the code at checkout at KingSchools.com or  when you call (800) 854-1001.  The sale expires on July 30th, 2019.

Keeping Your “Bargain” Jet Flying

Tempering Passion With Reality Article appeared in Flying Magazine Aircraft Buyers Guide, March 2019 John and Martha King There are a plenty of reasons to want to own and fly a jet.  Jets are made for capable, reliable transportation.  They come equipped ready to do the job—with pressurization, anti-icing and deicing, and substantial turbine-style cockpit…  [ Read More ]

Now Hiring a C# .NET Software Developer Aviation Fan

Do you have a passion for aviation?  This might be the ideal job for you.  King Schools has a position available for a C# .NET Software Developer in San Diego, California.  The ideal candidate would be a certificated pilot, have experience in the aviation industry and a passion for flying.  King Schools provides significant support,…  [ Read More ]

Melissa Martin Awarded the WAI Martha King Scholarship for a Female Flight Instructor

Melissa Martin Awarded the WAI Martha King Scholarship for a Female Flight Instructor May 8, 2019 San Diego, California Melissa (Missy) Martin of Polaris, Montana was awarded the 4th annual Martha King Scholarship for Female Flight Instructors during the annual Women in Aviation International Conference in Long Beach, California. This scholarship consists of $5,000 toward…  [ Read More ]

The Kings in ECOPA Plane & Pilot News

John & Martha visited the good people at the East Central Ohio Pilots Association (ECOPA) Spring Banquet in March, and what an event!   Read the coverage about the event below:    

AOPA Drone Program Adds King Schools’ Recurrent Drone Course

Members receive a discount on KING drone test prep courses April 4, 2019 SUN ‘n FUN Lakeland, FL. – AOPA drone pilot members now get a discount on King Schools Drone Pilot License Recurrent Test Prep Course.  This recurrent course and the KING Drone Pilot License Test Prep Course are now available to members at…  [ Read More ]

All-New Instrument Rating Course Now Available from King Schools

Online course includes lifetime updates April 4 SUN ‘n FUN, Lakeland FL – Aspiring instrument rating pilots now have a completely updated King course to use in preparing for their FAA knowledge test. This all-HD version of the King Schools online Instrument Rating Ground School & Test Prep Course was completed in March of 2019,…  [ Read More ]

King Schools Debuts a New Aviation Instructor

CEO and Flight Instructor Barry Knuttila Now Appearing in Courses April 4, 2019, SUN ‘n FUN – Lakeland, FL – King Schools customers will be seeing a new flight instructor in King Schools’ online video courses. CEO Barry Knuttila has taken on an additional role as one of the on-camera instructors for King Schools. Barry…  [ Read More ]

NOTAMS Are Garbage

Nobody Pays Any Attention To Them Article appeared in Flying Magazine February, 2019 by John King “That’s what NOTAMS are.  They are just a bunch of garbage that nobody pays any attention to.”  It would be a dramatic statement regardless of who said it.  But this was Robert Sumwalt, Chairman of the National Transportation Safety Board…  [ Read More ]

Al Malmberg Radio Interview with John & Martha King

You will want to hear about John & Martha’s interview with Al Malmberg. They discuss John’s journey getting his medical back, and ATC.  Click here for the full interview – John & Martha Radio Interview.


MEETING YET ANOTHER MANDATE Article appeared in Flying Magazine November, 2018 by Martha King For tens of thousands of aircraft owners the deadline has been looming.  ADS-B will be required on January 1, 2020 in airspace that now requires a transponder, It was clear for John and me, in particular, that we wanted to meet…  [ Read More ]

John and Martha King Called “Distinguished” by NAA

December 19, 2018 San Diego CA – At the National Aeronautic Association Fall Awards Dinner on November 27, 2018, the NAA added 4 more individuals to the list of Distinguished Statesmen of Aviation.  The list includes Mark Burns, the President of Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation, William Garvey, the Editor-in-Chief of Business and Commercial Aviation magazine, and…  [ Read More ]

John and Martha Receive the Wesley L. McDonald Distinguished Statesman of Aviation

Co-Owners and Founders of King Schools Honored at the National Aeronautic Association Fall Awards Dinner November 27, 2018 Crystal Gateway Marriott, Arlington Virginia John & Martha were presented The Wesley L. McDonald Distinguished Statesman of Aviation Award at the National Aeronautic Association Fall Award dinner.  The award was established on October 16, 1954, by the Board…  [ Read More ]

Seeing Flying with Fresh Eyes

The Experience Is Everything Article appeared in Flying Magazine September, 2018 by John King There was a lot of blood in the water as we flew over the bowhead whale being harvested for the sustenance of the native Iñupiat community of Barrow, Alaska. It was a thought-provoking and broadening experience of the type we found we were…  [ Read More ]


ON THE PATH TO FAA MEDICAL CERTIFICATION REFORM Article appeared in Flying Magazine July, 2018 by Martha King When John came to in the hospital a number of years ago after a lapse of consciousness, you will appreciate that the very first concern he expressed was for his aviation medical certificate.  Perhaps the most significant and…  [ Read More ]


ATC:  OUR UNSUNG HEROES Article appeared in Flying Magazine May, 2018 by John King The eight of us had flown into Borrego Springs for lunch.  As Martha and I helped the folks from Australia back into the airplane and gave them our pre-flight briefing for the return trip, I explained, “We are about to challenge the…  [ Read More ]


King Schools

http://www.kingschools.com/?sco=WB&scu=FACEBK01 Born from a Passion for Flying King Schools, Inc. is the world´s leading producer of aviation training videos and computer software. It was first established in 1974, when John and Martha began flying throughout the country to teach ground school courses. A decade later, they began producing video courses in a spare room of their house. Today, King Schools has over 70 employees operating from an 18,000 sq. ft. complex, housing a dedicated video production and duplication facility. In the past 10 years we have delivered more than 2-1/2 million videos with over 4 million hours of video instruction, teaching up to one-half of the instrument students and over one-third of all pilots in the U.S. obtaining training. We are keenly aware of the importance of the work we do. During the time someone is learning to fly, flying is the most important thing in his or her life. We are privileged to play such a significant role in the lives of such committed individuals. We take pride in producing quality work for these special people.
King Schools
King Schools2019/07/20 @ 1:01
Our big sale begins today! Get 22% off all King Schools Courses. Use discount code FOSH19 online or when you call in.
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King Schools2019/07/19 @ 11:00
Farewell, Jonathan! One of our own is moving on to pursue the best career in the world. Everyone here at King Schools wishes him blue skies and tailwinds as he moves to start his Helicopter training at Southern Utah University.

Can you guess what course they are standing in front of? It's being filmed now.
King Schools
King Schools2019/07/18 @ 3:25
Oshkosh attendees, be sure to mark this event down!
The The Charles A. and Anne Morrow Lindbergh Foundation will be hosting the 2nd annual Lindbergh Innovation Forum on Tuesday.

After a successful debut at AirVenture 2018, the Lindbergh Innovation Forum returns to AirVenture this year with a lineup that features representatives of Blue Origin, NASA, Uber Elevate, GE Aviation, Embry Riddle Aeronautical University and a number of exciting early stage companies. It will address commercial supersonic and hypersonic flight, innovations in space, hydrogen powered flight, artificial intelligence and many other leading edge topics.

The event is from 9 am to 12 pm on Tuesday July 23rd at EAA Forums Tent in Aviation Gateway Park. This is on James Ray Blvd, in grid location I-10 of the official EAA AirVenture Map.
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2019/07/19 @ 22:30
Our big sale begins today! Get 22% off all King Schools Courses. Use discount code TWOSH19 online or when you call in.
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2019/06/29 @ 3:00
The WAI Scholarships are now live!
Female pilots, be sure to apply for the Martha King Female Flight Instructor Scholarship. If chosen, you will receive $5,000 of financial assistance in a flight instructor certificate:

https://t.co/UN9vQXfnxq https://t.co/Nvoi4BcCEq
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2019/06/25 @ 1:40
New FREE Course just uploaded! High-Speed Flight is now available at the link below (Can you figure out what aircraft this panel belongs to?)

https://t.co/y5wehWUKQb https://t.co/CVJ0naWCkz
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2019/06/19 @ 1:15
Click to read Martha's Flying Magazine article about the Civil Air Patrol, and some of it's missions that may surprise you.

https://t.co/6yhz2QvwxX https://t.co/lEMnSFgIb0
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2019/06/18 @ 3:00
Discussion time: do you think Spin Training should be required for a Private Pilot License?

Oh, and, we have a course for Stalls & Spins: https://t.co/WNHWj9QPsB https://t.co/GF4KbFr0Kp
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2019/06/14 @ 4:00
Looking for a Bargain Jet? Enjoy this great Flying Magazine article written by John & Martha

https://t.co/gZvu0EC5bT https://t.co/hJ5iQ1heJQ
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2019/06/12 @ 4:00
Here's a sneak peak of our new Commercial ACS Checkride course, currently being edited. Watch Martha ace a Commercial Checkride in stunning HD, and anyone who has purchased this Online Course will get updated automatically later this year when it's finished. https://t.co/XQYldwK0Qp FunFlying photo
2019/06/04 @ 1:21
Pilots, do you feel comfortable with your understanding of airport signs and markings at large airports? If not, we have a FREE course for you:
https://t.co/cNiShAZW2k https://t.co/M8TXDOB8fA
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2019/06/01 @ 2:43
@Fernando201441 Hello, looking at FAR 61.65 (d)(ii), that is a total distance. However, because it is a Cross Country, the basic 50nm rule (from your point of departure) still applies.
2019/05/31 @ 9:00
Any Software Developers in San Diego looking for a career in Aviation? We have an opening!

https://t.co/IU2RT1a6hH https://t.co/H8XSv4uFC2
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2019/05/30 @ 0:00
Summer is coming, brush up on that Thunderstorm Avoidance knowledge
2019/05/29 @ 3:50
Enjoy a great interview with John & Martha on Aero News Network about the "Future of Flight Training"

https://t.co/aCZaErDKfQ https://t.co/PEl0w5JvF2
2019/05/25 @ 0:19
@secretluke Hello there, no Memorial Day sale, but we do have one planned for Oshkosh in July. Stay tuned.
2019/05/23 @ 1:01
"BlackBird has agreed to purchase more than 100 electric airplanes from Bye Aerospace..."

2019/05/16 @ 4:14
Wow what a picture! https://t.co/biHIYXUDPD
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UPS Airlines @UPSAirlines
Get ready #avgeeks - we're heading to @EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2019 ... and we're bringing our @BoeingAirplanes #UPS7478F - The Queen of the Skies! 👑✈️💪📸😎 #OSH19
More Info: https://t.co/QGKNnesIrN https://t.co/lozBdPxmRX