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Hello Fellow Pilots – Here you can read John and Martha’s Blog and view King Schools’ social media feeds in one convenient place.



King Schools Born from a Passion for Flying King Schools, Inc. is the world´s leading producer of aviation training videos and computer software. It was first established in 1974, when John and Martha began flying throughout the country to teach ground school courses. A decade later, they began producing video courses in a spare room of their house. Today, King Schools has over 70 employees operating from an 18,000 sq. ft. complex, housing a dedicated video production and duplication facility. In the past 10 years we have delivered more than 2-1/2 million videos with over 4 million hours of video instruction, teaching up to one-half of the instrument students and over one-third of all pilots in the U.S. obtaining training. We are keenly aware of the importance of the work we do. During the time someone is learning to fly, flying is the most important thing in his or her life. We are privileged to play such a significant role in the lives of such committed individuals. We take pride in producing quality work for these special people.
King Schools
King Schools2020/02/18 @ 17:51
Ken looking fly in front of the Citation he flies. Even busy pilots like Ken have time to score 100% on an FAA Written test.

All King Schools customers that score 100% on any FAA Written test get a FREE Ace Hat! We want to honor their accomplishment by posting their photos here. Have you used one of our courses, and scored 100%? Message us! do you have a hat and want to be in the Hall of Fame? We also want to hear from you.
King Schools
King Schools2020/02/18 @ 0:35
We can also confirm this 😉
King Schools
King Schools2020/02/13 @ 16:02
New on YouTube! Enjoy this clip of Martha King as the checkride applicant, her challenge is to shoot a GPS approach into KOKB partial panel (this is a lesson from our Instrument ACS Checkride Course).
King Schools
King Schools2020/02/11 @ 16:00
It’s quiz time! Which answer below do YOU think is correct?:

(see image) You have landed on Runway 13 and the Tower has not instructed you where to turn off the runway. You-

A – May not turn off the runway until the Tower tells you where to exit.
B – May turn off on any taxiway, but you may not turn onto Runway 9 without ATC authorization.
C – May turn off Runway 13 onto any taxiway or other runway.
King Schools
King Schools2020/02/07 @ 20:00
Want to know what it takes to fly to Catalina Island (KAVX)? Join the AOPA Air Safety Institute in the first episode of Beyond Proficient, a new series focusing on getting you out of your comfort zone, challenging your flying skills, and doing it safely.
King Schools
King Schools2020/02/06 @ 17:01
Here’s a treat: a Throwback Thursday special of John & Martha in front of the Citation, their first jet. Can anyone guess which Southern California airport this photo was taken at? ☀️✈️🏜️

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2020/01/18 @ 13:00
Check out an impressive effort from the FAA to combat runway incursions.
This video series is a great way to plan to taxi at your airport by watching actual approach and taxi footage from airports across the U.S.
2020/01/10 @ 14:24
Any Pilots/Software Developers out there looking for a great job? King Schools is looking for a C# .NET Software Developer who loves aviation. Details at the link below:
FunFlying photo
2020/01/08 @ 16:10
Why use a tow plane when your flying buddies will suffice? (Pending FAA Approval 😉) FunFlying photo
2020/01/05 @ 13:25
Pilots be advised: HIWAS (Hazardous Inflight Weather Advisory Service) is being discontinued this Wednesday, January 8th in favor of more modern technology, such as ADS-B. Are any of you still using HIWAS? FunFlying photo
2019/12/27 @ 16:23
Surely you have ADS-B Out equipped by now….. Oh, you don’t? Well then, you may want to weigh your options with this informational and timely video from Paul Bertorelli at @AVweb
2019/11/19 @ 14:05
Garmin GTN Flyers: Our brand new course, ‘Flying the Garmin GTN 650/750 Series’ is available now! This is one of our best courses, and the most packed with knowledge, tips, and tricks to take full advantage of the Garmin GTN’s marvelous capabilities. Click below to learn more. FunFlying photo

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