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Latest Blog Posts

The New Way Pilots Will Learn To Fly

Article appeared in Flying Magazine May , 2014 by John King – Flying is a risky activity. Many pilots would like to think otherwise, but this basic truth is being officially acknowledged by the FAA. They have recruited groups of highly qualified instructors, examiners, and course designers to collaborate to design an improved pilot evaluation […]

What Were We Thinking?

Article appeared in Flying Magazine April, 2014 by Martha King – Whenever you are in a gathering of pilots, you are surrounded by remarkable people—people just like you. In the U.S. less than two-tenths of one percent have made the substantial personal commitment of time, effort, and stress required to learn to fly. In order […]

King Schools Offers a 50% Discount to Help Pilots Take Advantage of Two-Year Window to Get ATP Without Costly New Training

San Diego, CA, May 20, 2014 – Pilots who pass the ATP written exam before August 1 of this year won’t have to take the expensive ground and simulator training that will be required after that date. A surprise bonus is that once you pass the knowledge test, 14 CFR 61.155(d) gives you two years […]

After we had our accident

Article appeared in Flying Magazine March, 2014 by John King – There is nothing that will make you think about changing your ways in flying like an accident. After Martha and I had our accident, we urgently wanted to avoid another one—but we didn’t intuitively know what to do differently. We did know that somehow […]

Why Didn’t We Listen?

Article appeared in Flying Magazine February, 2014 by Martha King – Most pilots who have been flying for awhile know pilots who scare them. My husband, John, and I were two of those pilots. We were so wrapped up in using our airplane as a personal, fun, travelling machine that we wouldn’t let anything—inexperience, nighttime, […]