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Latest Blog Posts

New Version of King Schools Companion App Lets Pilots Download and Complete Lessons Off-Line on iPhones and iPads

San Diego, CA, March 4, 2015 — The latest technology from King Schools gives pilots even more convenient access to learning. Pilots taking King courses can now take their lessons on their iPad and iPhone even when they are off-line, and two-way synchronization allows them to move seamlessly among their iPad, iPhone and computer. This […]

Student Pilot All Over Again

Article appeared in Flying Magazine January, 2015 by John King – After we’ve been flying for a while as pilots, things get a lot easier. Our hands and eyes begin to go to the right places in the cockpit naturally and our body just knows how much response the airplane will make to each control […]

Waiting for the Perfect Flight

Article appeared in Flying Magazine December, 2014 by Martha King – Maybe, someday, at the end of a flight I will be able to say, “My performance as a pilot was perfect on that flight. I didn’t make a single mistake.” So far I have never come close. My performance (and John’s) on a recent […]