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Latest Blog Posts

Why Some Pilots Are Bad Risk Managers

When Goals Get in the Way of Smart Decision-Making Article appeared in Flying Magazine December, 2015 by Martha King – “You can’t teach judgment.” “…I’m afraid no amount of ’risk management’ training is going to change your attitude.” These comments were in response to John’s May column “Double Trouble at Denver.” John had revealed our […]

Risky Business

How to Avoid the Pitfalls of Flying with Passengers Article appeared in Flying Magazine November, 2015 by John King – Iliamna is a great fly-in fishing destination in Southwestern Alaska. In early summer, however, it often has rain, with low ceilings and visibilities. The day of our departure was no exception. As we prepared for […]

Who’s in Charge Here, Anyway?

Article appeared in Flying Magazine October, 2015 by Martha King – My thumb was already in motion towards the mic button to declare an emergency when the Anchorage Center controller’s voice sounded in my headset. “N4577L, cleared for the ILS DME Runway 11 approach at Ketchikan.” It was January in Southeastern Alaska. John and I […]

Being Your Own Weather Briefer

Article appeared in Flying Magazine August, 2015 by Martha King – There was extensive damage and loss of life caused by tornadoes in central Kansas—the area from which we had departed in our airplane that very morning. There had been a wild weather rampage all the way from Oklahoma to Nebraska. The video on TV […]

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2016/02/10 @ 3:31
A little #aviationhumor for this Tuesday morning! https://t.co/UIEYMUikVa
2016/02/02 @ 2:06
Monday in San Diego means it's time for some #aviationhumor! https://t.co/TWZNSMfjrn
2016/01/27 @ 9:10
Suspenseful flying with Martha King as she takes charge in the cockpit. From Oct. 2015 Flying Magazine. https://t.co/wfMG0mKggl
2016/01/22 @ 5:21
The Kings met Congress members to fight against ATC privatization. #generalaviation #pilottraining groups speak up! https://t.co/qFexLZLU8q
2016/01/21 @ 2:51
NBAA members met with lawmakers to voice their concerns on ATC Reform. https://t.co/6Xdq0KAIbD


King Schools
King Schools2016/02/11 @ 10:44
Congratulations to our King Schools Direct Sales Representative Andrea Stout! She already holds a Commercial Pilot Multi-Engine Certificate with Instrument privileges and now has completed her Commercial Pilot Single Engine Add-On. She is pictured here with her CFI Chris Sluka from Learn to Fly San Diego.

The significant majority of our King Schools Customer Service, Sales and Management teams hold Pilot Certificates, Andrea included. Great job Andrea!
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King Schools
King Schools2016/02/10 @ 6:28
Tuesdays can be a great day for #aviationhumor!
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King Schools
King Schools2016/02/06 @ 5:34
The Super Bowl Fly Over. For some of us, the highlight of the day. Thanks to NFL Films for this Salute The Sky video. Enjoy the game! #Flyover
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King Schools
King Schools2016/02/05 @ 4:47
THIS IS THE WAY TO COMMIT ... Yesterday was "National Signing Day", when High School athletes from all over the country commit to the college of their choice. We LOVE Deontay's aviation themed announcement.
King Schools
The Commitment: Watch 4-Star Safety Deontay Anderson's Skydiving Reveal
Talented 4-star safety Deontay Anderson skydives his way to a commitment. Watch Anderson announce his school of choice in the video above. Find more exclusiv...
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King Schools
King Schools2016/02/02 @ 4:58
It's a cool and windy Monday in San Diego; time for some #aviationhumor!
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