Let’s Make 2011 an Exciting Year for Flying

As you move through the first quarter of 2011, you are likely considering what you want to accomplish in aviation this year, and how you will keep your skills sharp. One proven and fun way to both advance your skills and stay current is to work on your next rating or certificate.

For many folks, a big challenge to achieving that next rating or certificate is finding time to study for the written exam. If you have not previously used a KING course, you may be surprised to find that we have structured our courses so that in only about 15 minutes, you can complete a knowledge lesson—and the course will automatically track and show each completed lesson. Put together 15 minutes here and there, and you will be amazed to see your rapid progress…and what you have learned. In what seems like no time, you will be ready to confidently take your written exam. The focus for all KING courses is to clarify, simplify and make it fun! You will be happy to see that even with a busy schedule, you can still have fun preparing for your written exam.

Speaking of making it fun, this quarter we will draw the winner in our 35th Anniversary Sweepstakes. Over the years, we have given away just short of 2 million dollars worth of prizes to lucky winners. The odds of winning are not bad (about 100,000 to 1) and for our winners, the prizes have fulfilled many dreams. For King Schools’ 35th Anniversary, we put together a package of 3 very special prizes that continues this tradition in great style.

One of the places we especially enjoy traveling is Alaska where we have spent a lot of time both teaching and exploring the State in a Cessna 185 Skywagon on Amphibious Floats. As part of our 35th Anniversary Sweepstakes, we very much look forward to giving away an Alaskan seaplane rating vacation to a lucky pilot that will put them in touch with that amazing experience. Equally exciting, the winner will receive a state-of-the-art Redbird TD simulator, plus a KING Get It All Kit of their choice.

We have all heard the old saw that a good pilot is always learning. This incorporates a great deal of wisdom. The good news is that the learning possibilities in aviation are endless. Whatever your 2011 flying plans include, our guarantee to you is to keep the focus where it belongs, finding new and innovative ways to help you achieve your aviation goals. With over 90 aviation courses, we hope we have one that is right for you.

Have fun learning and flying.

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