John King

Risky Business

How to Avoid the Pitfalls of Flying with Passengers Article appeared in Flying Magazine November, 2015 by John King – Iliamna is a great fly-in fishing destination in Southwestern Alaska. In early summer, however, it often has rain, with low ceilings and visibilities. The day of our departure was no exception. As we prepared for…  [ Read More ]

Double Trouble at Denver

Article appeared in Flying Magazine May, 2015 by John King – After just over two years of flying our Comanche, we “needed” a second engine, and more knobs, levers, switches and gauges. In short, we “needed” a Twin Comanche. But we couldn’t afford one. That’s why the “bargain” Twin Comanche in Trade-A-Plane caught our eye….  [ Read More ]

Learning to Fly Like a Girl

Article appeared in Flying Magazine March, 2015 by John King – It was a growing cumulus cloud, cauliflower-shaped with distinct edges. Our IFR route was taking us right through it. “You’re not going to fly through that are you? That’s a thunderstorm,” said Martha, clearly alarmed. “Well, yeah. But that’s not a thunderstorm. It’s not…  [ Read More ]