Martha King

Flying the Aircraft You’re In

Article appeared in Flying Magazine February, 2015 by Martha King – “Calm winds, clear skies, bright sunshine. It’s a wonderful day to fly.” The Flight Service Station specialist was delighted to be giving such a favorable weather report. “No,” I thought to myself. “It’s a lousy day to fly.” This surprising thought illustrates that there…  [ Read More ]

Your Pilot Passenger—Friend or Foe?

Article appeared in Flying Magazine October, 2014 by Martha King – “Did you do something to my nav radios?” John was clearly confused, and I didn’t know why. But John had just realized that steady needles didn’t necessarily mean he was flying well. The flag for the glideslope confirmed his suspicion. We were flying an…  [ Read More ]

Are Pilots Losing Stick and Rudder Skills Because of Cockpit Automation?

Article appeared in Flying Magazine August, 2014 by Martha King – “Don’t do that. Don’t ever do that,” my instructor said. I was confused. I wasn’t even sure I understood what his complaint was. But when I did, I realized the issue lay at the very heart of the debate about how to deal with…  [ Read More ]