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The Threat to Our Airport

Our local airport (MYF) is under threat—not by the neighbors, not by criminals, but by the very operators of our airport.  They are well intentioned.  We have had “incidents”.  These incidents aren’t security hazards; they are taxiway and runway incursions.  Not one has resulted in a risk of collision with an aircraft.  These “incidents” get…  [ Read More ]

The Most Important Thing We Can Teach

(We originally wrote this article for the National Association of Flight Instructors) As instructors we all want the best for our customers.  We teach them the FAA-required skills and knowledge, and even go beyond those standards.  We warn them about the hazards associated with weather, navigation, performance, aircraft loading, and every other hazard we can…  [ Read More ]

Teaching Aviation Citizenship

(We originally wrote this article for the National Association of Flight Instructors) As instructors we have many responsibilities—creating pilots who are great risk managers and truly prepared to be pilot-in-command would be high on the list.  It would seem that teaching good aviation citizenship would come way down this list.  But in my view, teaching…  [ Read More ]

Flying Together

Sharing the joy of flying with another in the cockpit makes flying infinitely more rewarding.  And it should be a lot safer too, right?  Well, that depends.  Most of us who learned to fly in general aviation have no training in sharing the cockpit, and sometimes the interaction is contrary to safety. Martha and I…  [ Read More ]

Pilots Who Should Scare Us—And What To Do About Them

(We originally wrote this article for the National Association of Flight Instructors) It has happened to most of us who have been flying very long.  Someone we know, but maybe not all that well, comes to grief in an airplane, along with their passengers.  Very often the flight instructors and other pilots who knew the…  [ Read More ]

Vaughn College Students Are Participating In The Redbird Skyport Flight Training Laboratory

You already know this—when a person learns to fly, it changes who they are and how they feel about themselves forever. That’s why we were so pleased recently to stop by the Redbird Skyport in San Marcos, TX to congratulate the students from Vaughn College of Aeronautics and Technology in Flushing, NY on passing their…  [ Read More ]

John and Martha Lose 50 lbs! Just one catch…

Recently, AOPA conducted a survey in which 53% of respondents indicated that they used an iPad in the cockpit.  Folks, this is a staggering number when you consider that the first iPad was sold less than two years ago.  For the first 90 years of aviation, change came quite slowly to the cockpit, but what…  [ Read More ]

Highlights from “Flying the Citation Mustang–Single Pilot”

Last week, we posted about our experiences learning to fly the Cessna Citation Mustang and also mentioned that we were finishing up production of our new course, “Flying the Citation Mustang—Single Pilot”. We thought you might be interested in viewing some highlights from the video that will be going into the course, so we put…  [ Read More ]

Learning To Fly the Citation Mustang—Single Pilot

You would think we would be over the thrill that comes with flying a new aircraft.  But the excitement Martha and I felt recently from learning to fly the Citation Mustang demonstrated that when it comes to flying, we still have the childlike enthusiasm of beginners. To a pilot with a piston-powered background like us,…  [ Read More ]