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Gain The Knowledge to be PIC—And Ace Your Test

You deserve the best preparation possible for your flying journey. Our goal is that you will both ace your test and acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to become a competent PIC (Pilot In Command). That’s why we agonize over every word and teaching technique in our video lessons. We want to ensure that we…  [ Read More ]

Enjoy Flying for a Lifetime!

Flying is deeply rewarding and fun. One pilot we know says that she finds flying fun because, “it makes me feel competent”. But if you do not stay proficient, that feeling of fun and competence can turn into one of anxiety and frustration. So the first advice we give new pilots is to keep flying….  [ Read More ]

Getting the Most from Your New iPad in the Cockpit

If you have a new iPad, and are a pilot, one thing is almost certain—you’re going to start using your iPad in the cockpit. The challenge is to make sure your iPad is indeed a help, not a distraction. The first step is to decide which aviation apps you like, and install them on your…  [ Read More ]

Why Our New Flight Instructor Refresher Course (FIRC) is Different

Flying self-selects fabulous people. But the sad fact is that many of these very special people and their passengers come to grief because they inadvertently assume risks that they don’t fully understand. This is why we have come to so be deeply saddened by the lost opportunity represented by Flight Instructor Refresher Courses that cover…  [ Read More ]

The Threat to Our Airport

Our local airport (MYF) is under threat—not by the neighbors, not by criminals, but by the very operators of our airport.  They are well intentioned.  We have had “incidents”.  These incidents aren’t security hazards; they are taxiway and runway incursions.  Not one has resulted in a risk of collision with an aircraft.  These “incidents” get…  [ Read More ]

Vaughn College Students Are Participating In The Redbird Skyport Flight Training Laboratory

You already know this—when a person learns to fly, it changes who they are and how they feel about themselves forever. That’s why we were so pleased recently to stop by the Redbird Skyport in San Marcos, TX to congratulate the students from Vaughn College of Aeronautics and Technology in Flushing, NY on passing their…  [ Read More ]

Highlights from “Flying the Citation Mustang–Single Pilot”

Last week, we posted about our experiences learning to fly the Cessna Citation Mustang and also mentioned that we were finishing up production of our new course, “Flying the Citation Mustang—Single Pilot”. We thought you might be interested in viewing some highlights from the video that will be going into the course, so we put…  [ Read More ]

Learning To Fly the Citation Mustang—Single Pilot

You would think we would be over the thrill that comes with flying a new aircraft.  But the excitement Martha and I felt recently from learning to fly the Citation Mustang demonstrated that when it comes to flying, we still have the childlike enthusiasm of beginners. To a pilot with a piston-powered background like us,…  [ Read More ]

Our Aviation World is Changing at an Unprecedented Pace. Life is Good.

Our aviation world is changing at an unprecedented pace.  For decades, not much new happened in general aviation.  From the time we started flying together in the ’60’s until the early 90’s there weren’t many changes in either avionics or airframes.  It made things simple.  If you knew how to operate a VOR in one…  [ Read More ]

All We Want Is To Be Left Alone – But Congress Won’t Give Us That Choice

Most operators of general aviation airplanes use their planes for business, and the flexibility and freedom our airplane gives us is an important part of our business—and our lives. Even so, most of us never give any thought to supporting business aviation politically. We rely on organizations like NBAA to carry our water for us….  [ Read More ]