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Identifying and Managing Risks in Aviation

Dear Fellow Pilots, As pilots we all know in our hearts that flying can be a risky activity. But sadly, identifying and managing the risks associated with flying is not intuitive. For most pilots, recognizing and mitigating flying risks is something we have to learn. Until now there has been little motivation for flight instructors…  [ Read More ]

Do Pilots Deliberately Take Off And Fly In Weather They Know Will Kill Them?

Article appeared in Flying Magazine November, 2014 by John King – It was a lousy day for a VFR trip. Not unusual in coastal Southern California in the spring. We get stratus clouds that come in from the ocean and create low ceilings that last for days. On this particular day we needed to get…  [ Read More ]

Your Pilot Passenger—Friend or Foe?

Article appeared in Flying Magazine October, 2014 by Martha King – “Did you do something to my nav radios?” John was clearly confused, and I didn’t know why. But John had just realized that steady needles didn’t necessarily mean he was flying well. The flag for the glideslope confirmed his suspicion. We were flying an…  [ Read More ]

Loss of Control—Our Greatest Nemesis

Article appeared in Flying Magazine September, 2014 by John King – It was a setup for loss of control. Martha and I were brand-new VFR-only pilots and, while returning from California to Indiana, had decided to scud–run through Tennessee to hurry our way home. The ceilings had pressed us down below the tops of tall…  [ Read More ]

Are Pilots Losing Stick and Rudder Skills Because of Cockpit Automation?

Article appeared in Flying Magazine August, 2014 by Martha King – “Don’t do that. Don’t ever do that,” my instructor said. I was confused. I wasn’t even sure I understood what his complaint was. But when I did, I realized the issue lay at the very heart of the debate about how to deal with…  [ Read More ]

The New Way Pilots Will Learn To Fly

Article appeared in Flying Magazine May , 2014 by John King – Flying is a risky activity. Many pilots would like to think otherwise, but this basic truth is being officially acknowledged by the FAA. They have recruited groups of highly qualified instructors, examiners, and course designers to collaborate to design an improved pilot evaluation…  [ Read More ]

What Were We Thinking?

Article appeared in Flying Magazine April, 2014 by Martha King – Whenever you are in a gathering of pilots, you are surrounded by remarkable people—people just like you. In the U.S. less than two-tenths of one percent have made the substantial personal commitment of time, effort, and stress required to learn to fly. In order…  [ Read More ]