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Redbird Flight Simulators – Today’s Pinnacle of Technology

Simulators are not new to aviation. In fact, the earliest simulators were available all the way back in the 1920’s!

The Link ANT-18 became the cornerstone of pilot training throughout WWII

In the ’30’s, the Link ANT-18 flight simulator was the cutting edge.

Those first simulators represented the pinnacle of technology and the innovators who created them were driven by a love of aviation and a strong desire to increase safety. Of course, they were also motivated by profits. The first big confirmation that they had a winner came in 1934 when, after experiencing an unacceptable number of aircraft losses during instrument flight, the US Army Air Corps ordered 6 Link trainers at $3,500 each ($43,000 in today’s dollars). These were the first of over 10,000 Link ANT-18 units delivered during WWII. The Link trainers, affectionately called “Blue Boxes”, were so successful at molding proficient instrument pilots that they became a cornerstone of pilot training throughout World War II and for decades beyond.

We have come a long way since those “Blue Boxes”, but the mission of flight simulation remains the same; keeping pilots and their passengers safer by creating and maintaining a high level of proficiency. That is also our goal at King Schools and is why we are so excited to partner with Redbird Flight Simulations.

The Redbird FMX Full Motion Simulator

The Redbird FMX Full Motion Simulator

As Link trainers represented the pinnacle of technology in the 20’s, Redbird is at that peak today. They are delivering an amazingly high amount of safety potential per dollar spent. In fact, their FMX simulator is the first full-motion, full-visual simulator that is affordable by most flight schools.

The Redbird TD Home Simulator - The latest technology at a stunningly low price

The Redbird TD Home Simulator – The latest technology at a stunningly low price

You will be especially excited about the Redbird TD. This home simulator will really keep you sharp! Unlike other “desktop” models, the TD desk-mount places the yoke and controls under the table, achieving the feel of a real cockpit while you practice instrument procedures to any airport in the world, or maybe pre-fly that upcoming cross-country. It can also be ordered with either a “glass” or “analog” instrument panel—each option providing realistic system failures. With airplane manufacturers restricting the use of circuit breakers to simulate system failure in the air, a good simulator has become essential in preparing pilots to deal with emergencies—and the Redbird sims really deliver.

We have to tell you though, what we like most about the family of Redbird simulators is that they take advantage of the very latest technology to deliver unheard of capabilities at stunningly low price points. This fits our mission of providing highly effective training that leads to safe, fun flying!

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Our Aviation World is Changing at an Unprecedented Pace. Life is Good.

Our aviation world is changing at an unprecedented pace.  For decades, not much new happened in general aviation.  From the time we started flying together in the ’60’s until the early 90’s there weren’t many changes in either avionics or airframes.  It made things simple.  If you knew how to operate a VOR in one airplane, you could pretty much operate a VOR in any airplane. (For more on the evolution of pilot navigation and avionics all, read our post, “GPS and Avionics: How We Got Here Depends on How We Used to Get Here“).

The Garmin G1000 Version 8 offers a new look and feel, plus new capabilities like FlightCharts and SafeTaxi

But now, even during these hard times, our aviation world is changing blindingly fast.  With avionics like the G1000 being computer-driven, a software change can alter how things work with little or no change in the hardware.  For instance, beginning with version 8 of the software, the Garmin G1000 now has a new look and feel, and a lot of new capability such as FliteCharts, SafeTaxi, and the way flight plans are entered and displayed—including the ability to put altitudes and airways into a flight plan. 

 This rapid rate of change has kept us at King Schools busy revising our avionics courses to make sure they match the current version of the software.

 We now have available the latest version of our G1000 course that covers operation of the version 8 and higher systems with the new capability, and their new look and feel.  If you will be flying an aircraft equipped with the G1000, you’ll want this course.  If you have purchased a previous version of the course, we’ll update your old course at half-price—just give us a call to make arrangements.

 As with previous versions, this latest G1000 course includes our procedures trainer so you can practice what you just learned.  Our promise is that after taking this course your hands and eyes will automatically go to the right place.  You’ll be ready to put your new G1000 proficiency to use with a safety pilot. 

 Although with these wonderful new avionics systems it takes a lot of effort to stay current, you’ll never hear us reminiscing about the good old days when the simple words, “Take us back to the airport” could strike fear into the heart of a student.  All it takes these days is a glance at the map on the multi-function display.  Life is good, when you have a G1000—it’s even better when you know how to get the most from it.