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Keep Flying to Keep Our Flying Right-of-Way

The joy and feeling of accomplishment you experience when you’re piloting an aircraft is a true gift.  Regardless of the type of flying, we have yet to meet a pilot who did not feel enriched by the experience.  And, once you become a pilot, you’re a pilot for life.  It can’t be undone—there are only active pilots and inactive pilots—and it seems to us that most inactive pilots would rather be active!

With the current political climate, it is more important than ever that pilots fly regularly.  In England, there is an organization of trail bike riders who diligently log time riding ancient trails through the English countryside, in order to maintain ancient right-of-ways in a use-it-or-lose-it system.  If we want to maintain free access to airspace, airports and ATC, we should look at flying the same way.  It is truly in our best interests to both bring new pilots into aviation and to help inactive pilots start flying again.

You probably know a pilot that has been away from flying for a while.  Maybe their career got in the way, or they just didn’t fly for a few weeks and that lapse suddenly turned into a few years.  Now, even though they love to talk about flying at the drop of a leather helmet, they think it would take too much time, effort, or money to get current.  Well, now you can help overcome all three of those objections by recommending one of our new “Return to Flying” kits (Return to VFR Flying Kit | Return to IFR Flying Kit).  These products will make it quick, easy, and fun for your pilot friend to get back up to speed—and to address the “too expensive” part, we slashed the price by 50%!

The freedom to fly without excessive governmental fees and restrictions is not guaranteed by our Constitution.  We need to remain diligent in fighting threatening legislation.  Just as important, we need to make sure our population stays strong, vibrant and … flying!  We hope that you will join us in helping to both bring new pilots into aviation and to get those inactive pilots flying again.

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