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Enjoy Flying for a Lifetime!

Flying is deeply rewarding and fun. One pilot we know says that she finds flying fun because, “it makes me feel competent”. But if you do not stay proficient, that feeling of fun and competence can turn into one of anxiety and frustration. So the first advice we give new pilots is to keep flying.

Plus, flying is more rewarding when you continue learning. We would suggest that you establish a program of expanding your horizons so that you will feel comfortable using an airplane to go to new and exciting places. You should periodically fly with an instructor to more interesting airports and conditions. If you learned to fly at a busy urban airport, you may want an instructor to introduce you to an interesting remote airport, maybe one in the mountains, or near a ski area. If you learned at a less busy airport, you may want to get experience flying into busier airspace and airports.

It is pretty much standard advice, but it really makes sense if you intend to use an airplane for transportation, to continue on and get your instrument rating. In our view you can’t start too soon. Having that skill expands your utility greatly and makes the airplane a much more reliable tool for transportation. Frankly, being limited to VFR-only flying far too often puts you in the dilemma of having to choose between being stranded somewhere or pushing your luck. And having an instrument rating gives you a lot more options when you are surprised by worsening weather. Finally, we think you’ll find that the instrument training makes you a better and more precise pilot even when you aren’t flying on instruments.

If you keep learning in your flying, we think you’ll find that flying remains a fun and engaging activity that you’ll enjoy for a lifetime.

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