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2021/04/01 @ 12:02
Thanks for letting us know! We love to hear these things, it keeps us going 🙂
2021/03/29 @ 16:19
What a man!
FunFlying photo
Chuck Yeager @GenChuckYeager
Q: Did General Yeager want to be a part of the original Mercury 7 astronauts? A: No, he often said the reason was: I didn’t want to wipe the monkey crap off the seat before I sat down @HISTORY #monkeys #Space #SaturdayVibes @SpaceForceDoD @NASA @NASAKennedy @elonmusk
2021/03/22 @ 16:04
Instrument approach plates can be daunting. Lucky for you, Martha has you covered in this FREE video:

#funflying #aviation #instrumentpilot #ifr
2021/03/16 @ 17:48
Dreaming of traveling, like us? Here’s a fun adventure retold by John King in 2016 for @FlyingMagazine:
FunFlying photo
2021/03/10 @ 14:14
Pilots, are you aware that the FAA has switched some charts to a 56 day update cycle? Important stuff:

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