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Keep Flying Through Fall and Winter

Flying during the fall and winter monthsAs the winter season approaches, many pilots substantially reduce their flying or stop all together. That’s a shame because the fall and winter often provide the most beautiful and enjoyable flying available. It simply requires a little more flexibility and planning as you look for that crystal clear, brisk winter day with perfectly smooth air and a million miles visibility. It is always fun and surprising how well airplanes perform in that cool air.

To get the most out of fall and winter flying, you may want to brush up on managing the risks associated with weather. We have you covered with our course, Practical Risk Management for Weather. You will enjoy the confidence that comes from having a solid process to evaluate weather risks when making your decision to fly … or not.

Even if you do reduce your flying over the winter, we recommend using some of that extra time to stay sharp on aviation knowledge. What better use is there for those long nights than to curl up in front of a fireplace with a laptop or tablet computer, and brush up on aviation topics that you may not have touched in a while—or perhaps even to prepare for that next flight review, rating or certificate?

The good news is that King Schools provides more ways than ever to access the aviation knowledge you need. Most all of our courses are now offered both online and computer installed. We even have Apple mobile device options; search for “King Schools” in the App Store from your Apple mobile device and you will find 5 new courses including the best seller, Takeoffs and Landings Made Easy.

One thing that we love about aviation is that there is always more to learn. That learning is essential to safety—a topic we are passionate about. We hope that we can serve you by providing the knowledge you need in a way that simplifies, clarifies and makes it fun to learn. Let us know how we are doing.

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