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Free Crosswind Landings Made Easy Online Course Now Available

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You have a new free mini-course available from King Schools: Crosswind Landings Made Easy. A prominent aviation insurance company once told us that many pilots struggle to land aligned with the runway centerline with zero sideways drift when facing a stiff crosswind. This course is focused on providing valuable information and tips that will help you nail it. Along with our other free mini-course, Non-Towered Airport Communications, this course provides selected samplings of our full courses and for many, a first introduction to the KING teaching style. Please enjoy these courses with our compliments.

The free mini-courses also work great with the recently updated King Schools Companion app. The free Companion app is available on the iPad and iPhone and allows you to download and take your online course lessons while offline. The latest version of the app allows you to complete the lessons of our Interactive Video Ground School and Test Prep courses by taking the quizzes that follow each video. Even better, your progress is automatically synced with your online course.

One of the last reasons we recommended computer-installed disc courses over online versions was the ability to use the course when offline, such as travelling on an airliner or to a place where an internet connection was either not available or costly. Now, with the King Schools Companion app, you can accomplish that goal even more conveniently with an iPad or an iPhone. Simply download your lessons to your iPad or iPhone and you can continue working on them even when you are not connected to the Internet. Enroll in an online course and you can move seamlessly between a computer, iPad or iPhone, and your progress will be refreshed on each device.

There are also other big advantages to our online courses. The most significant is that your course will always be up-to-date and never expire. Imagine revisiting your course for review after a year of two and finding it is magically up-to-date with all changes made in the meantime!

Over the years we have delivered our courses in many ways: from chalkboards to overheads, to video tape, to TV-DVDs, to computer discs and now online via the Internet and mobile devices with a dedicated iPad/iPhone app. While we still make most of our courses available in computer-installed disc versions, in most cases there is no longer a clear advantage to that format. Technological advances have helped us step up to even better means of delivering what we always have—training that clarifies, simplifies and makes it fun to learn!
Happy flying!

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  1. Reggie

    Wow! Lost job, working for self, money’s tite, haven’t flown 4 years. Used king training before and really miss all of this. Going to take the training this week end, reminisce. Thanks for the free stuff!

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