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John and Martha King Oppose Air Traffic Control Privatization

With Congress back in session, the general aviation community must continue to express its opposition to H.R. 2997 and its air traffic control (ATC) privatization plan.

“We have flown all over the world, and without question, the U.S. has the safest and most efficient ATC system, but handing it over to an airline dominated board puts that all in jeopardy.” John and Martha King Co-Owners, King Schools

Under a privatized ATC system, Congress will not be able to protect general aviation (GA) access, and these are a few ways access could be reduced:

  • The private corporation could restrict GA access to airports, especially those with airline service or located in congested airspace.
  • The private corporation could close towers or reduce their hours of operation.
  • The private corporation could create approach/departure procedures that favor commercial airlines and restrict GA access.

The GA community has built strong representation in Congress which gives us a powerful voice on ATC related issues. This will end if privatization occurs, our only recourse will be to go before an airline dominated private board or hire lawyers.
Your member of Congress is elected to represent constituents and not airline dominated interest groups. Now is the time to Contact Congress and oppose H.R. 2997.


Go to to contact your elected representatives.

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  1. Harry D Case III

    I tend to be a free market guy but, privatizing ATC would be disastrous for our freedom to fly. I voice my opposition to the move every chance I get.

    Best Regards,

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