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John & Martha King Receive Crystal Eagle Award

Aero Club of Northern California Presents 35th Award

The award presentation starts at 3:35, the King’s acceptance and talk starts at 5:10.

John and Martha King were presented with the Crystal Eagle Award by the Aero Club of Northern California. (L – R Martha King, John King, Eric Peterson)

John and Martha King, co-chairmen and co-owners of King Schools, were selected as recipients of the 35th annual Crystal Eagle Award presented by the Aero Club of Northern California. The Kings accepted the award on November 18, 2017.They were bestowed this honor for their use of technology, and simple and fun teaching techniques to make aviation knowledge more accessible to pilots the world over. It is estimated that John and Martha have taught aviation to about 50% of the nation’s pilot population.

John and Martha spoke for approximately 30 minutes after receiving their award. The video includes the entirety of the award ceremony and their talk about aviation. Their topics included aviation communities around the world, anecdotes both humorous and serious regarding their own flying adventures and flight challenges. They covered risk management for pilots, checklists, the aviation PAVE systems and helpful information for pilots and CFIs.

The Crystal Eagle Award was first presented by the Aero Club in 1983 to legendary aviator Gen. Jimmy Doolittle. Among past recipients are Gen. Chuck Yeager, Stanley Hiller Jr., Jim Nissen, George Cooper, Jeana Yeager, James S. Ricklefs, Darryl Greenamyer, Clay Lacy, Paul Poberezny, Wayne Handley, Eileen Collins, Sean D. Tucker, Steve Fossett, Brian Shul, C.E. “Bud” Anderson, Julie Clark and Rod Machado.

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