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Aero News Network Story – King Schools Finds New Talent

Brian Hough Joins Outfit as Vice President of Sales and Business Development

Article by Aero News Network originally appeared on the Aero News Network website on December 4, 2021 To view the original article Click Here.

King Schools, the most famous name in flight training, has added a new face to their crew with the recent addition of Brian Hough, a globetrotting fixture of pilot training. He will assume the position of Senior Vice President of Sales and Business Development at the company,  coming into the role with an emphasis on developing King School’s offerings to colleges, universities, and flight schools. It’s a role for which he’s been preparing all his life, from a quick glance at his resumé.

Hough completed his undergrad and master’s degrees in aeronautics, served as chief instructor at multiple large flight schools, voyaged to India and China for seminars and curriculum development, and wrote a performance-based reduced-time Part 141 Training Course for PPL, Commercial, and even ATP ratings. Previously, he has spent the better part of a decade with Liberty University’s School of Aeronautics, where he worked as an adjunct professor and Pt. 141 Chief Instructor. Not content to leave things as-is, he was instrumental in bolstering the schools affiliated flight schools, from one single partner to 88 in total. He became acquainted with the utility of King schools in his role there, as their offerings were pivotal to the speedy, consistent training of his program.

Hough has proven his aviation bones, with a glance at his stable throughout his lifetime. The proud (sometimes once) owner of a Cherokee Six, Cessna 172RG, and a Beechcraft Duchess, he also went the extra mile for training and purchased a full-motion Redbird FMX simulator. His involvement in aviation education has led him to serve as a national council rep, volunteer judge, and chief judge at a number of National Intercollegiate Flying Association events. In an earlier life, he became a certified firefighter, rescue specialist, and paramedic.

“We’re very fortunate to have Brian join King Schools,” said CEO Barry Knuttila. “We’ve been admirers of his for many years and know that Brian will provide new ideas and capabilities that will benefit our customers in the many years ahead.”

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