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AVweb Article – King Schools Launches Concierge Service, New Course

Article originally appeared on the AVweb website on April 9, 2022 To view the original article Click Here.

Image: King Schools

King Schools announced at the 2022 Sun ‘n Fun Aerospace Expo that it is now offering a “concierge” service to assist flight schools with new training initiatives. The service is designed for flight schools developing FAA-approved Part 141 training programs and is available to the schools at no cost. According to the company, the King Schools Concierge Service is only the first phase of the program.

“If your school is looking to gain or expand part 141 approval, we can help with free personalized assistance provided by one of our training experts,” said Brian Hough, King Schools senior vice president of sales and business development. “Our courses and syllabi have been reviewed by the FAA and meet the requirements of part 141. An FAA letter coupled with our expertise can have you up and running in little time.”

King Schools also launched its new Fundamentals of Instruction Ground School and Test Prep course at the show. Geared toward preparing students for the FAA Fundamentals of Instruction (FOI) knowledge test, the four-hour course offers online and offline access on mobile device, practice exams, a flash card app and tools to assess test readiness. It is priced at $199 for lifetime access.

“This course is a series of brief segments, each lasting just a few minutes and followed by a short multiple-choice quiz,” said Barry Knuttila, King Schools CEO and Fundamentals of Instruction Ground School and Test Prep course instructor. “A viewer can pause, stop, and resume at any time. They can double back, and review material previously covered. I’m hoping that after taking this course the Aviation Instructor’s Handbook will be easier to understand and navigate.”

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