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Aero News Network Article – King Schools Offer Discounted Access to High Schools

Article by the Aviation News Network originally appeared on the Aviation News Network website on July 30, 2022 To view the original article Click Here.

It’s Good to Be King

To assert that John and Martha King have helped more pilots prepare for and pass their FAA written tests than any other two people on this wide, weird Earth is neither apocryphal nor sycophantic; it’s simply true.

As a young CFI in the early 1990s, I savagely plagiarized a great many of the Kings’ instructional constructs—and my students passed their written tests and checkrides. The advent of the digital-age served only to broaden John and Martha’s didactic purview. Today, the King Brand is a full-blown pilot-training icon.

Every minute of every day, the King’s contributions of aviation are measured in stalls avoided, holding-patterns correctly entered, and airplanes safely and smoothly brought to Earth. To assert that the greater part of today’s flying pilots owe some degree of debt to John and Martha King is also true.

It’s ironic, therefore, that high schools using the AOPA Foundation Aviation STEM Curriculum now have access to a generously discounted You Can Fly kits from King Schools.

The King Schools “You Can Fly Kit” comprises a King Schools Private Pilot Ground School & Test-Prep Course, and Pilot Communications Course. The Private Pilot course is the selfsame course that has helped hundreds of thousands of people pass their FAA written exams. Students will receive their endorsement to take the FAA Private Pilot Knowledge Exam after completing three practice exams with passing scores. The Pilot Communications Course teaches pilot communication procedures and techniques to use in every class of airspace.

The two courses retail for $328. However, AOPA STEM students can purchase the You Can Fly kit for $99. In addition, King Schools is offering high schools that use the AOPA curriculum / King Commercial Drone Pilot Course a rate of only $59-per course—a $70 savings over the program’s retail price of $129. The drone course prepares students for the FAA Part 107 Knowledge Exam.

To support the program, participating high schools also receive free instructor copies of each course and regular reporting on student progress as they complete each lesson.

Interested parties are invited to contact Pamela Olson, Business Leader Flight Schools and Universities, King Schools at or (858) 576-6210.

The flight-training industry is beset with gimmicks and smooth-talking snake-oil salesmen promising a great deal for very little. For over 48-years, John and Martha King have flourished by dint of their integrity, their passion for not only flying, but for teaching people to fly, and their espousal of the precept that better courseware makes better pilots.

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