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Resolve to Share the Joy and Accomplishment of Flying this Year

Dear Fellow Pilot,

If you are like most pilots, you have had friends or acquaintances ask you about learning to fly. We are always excited to share our experiences and talk about the joy and sense of accomplishment and competence that flying has provided us over the years. It is enjoyable to share a great sense of optimism regarding a career as a pilot.

We are in a time where airlines are hiring as many new pilots as they can, months before they will even meet the minimum qualifications, and offering starting pay and benefits that are the best ever seen. New airline hires have training dates timed for the moment they will reach the required 1,500 hours of flight time. And the opportunities are also great with corporate and charter

  • Still, the process of learning to fly is mysterious to many. And it can be difficult for someone who is new to aviation to understand the steps and commitment that is involved. To help those folks, we have developed some great free tools that you can refer pilot aspirants to. These tools will help them decide if flying is right for them.
    The first is a video course called “Your First Flying Lesson” that takes the viewer on a beautiful cross-county, while teaching important concepts about the airplane and piloting along the way. The goal of the video is to give a sense of fun and adventure, with an undercurrent of “you can do this!”
  • The second is a free eBook called “So You Want to Learn to Fly”. This light-hearted book is filled with invaluable practical tips and will get someone started on the steps to become a pilot, while explaining how to make well-informed training decisions along the way.

Learning to fly, and possibly choosing it as a career, is one of the most important and fulfilling choices your friend or acquaintance will ever make. It will change them forever, as it has changed every pilot who has taken the controls on their first solo flight. We hope these resources will help you to answer their questions and get them started on the airway. We also wish you amazing and inspiring flying adventures and would be honored to help you achieve your next aviation goal!




P.S.  Learn more and access these free resources at –


  1. Justin

    Hello John and Martha, years ago when I was young my local library had your training videos on vhs and borrowed them all the time and watched them over and over. It was always my dream to be a pilot but my life went a different direction and now thirty years later I am finally getting my private pilots license. The very first thing I bought was your private pilot course and I can not express how much joy it gives seeing your two faces teaching me to fly again. I missed you guys so much. I hope I get to see on the ground or in the air one day.
    P.S. If you ever need a vacation please consider flying to Cape Fear Regional (KSUT) this is my home base and a beautiful area right on the water.

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