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Aero News Network Article – King Schools Giving Away $3000 Ground School Prep Courses

Article by the Aviation News Network originally appeared on the Aviation News Network website on April 4, 2022 To view the original article Click Here.

Comprehensive Programs Benefit Students & CFIs Alike

Flight instructors strive in perpetuity to keep tabs on their students’ progress. During dual instruction, CFIs can easily gauge a student’s mastery of an aircraft, a maneuver, a procedure, or a flight environment. It is more difficult, however, to accurately assess a student’s grasp on aeronautical knowledge. In many, if not most, instances, it is easier for flight instructors to accurately predict how students will perform on check-rides than it is to foretell what sort of score they’ll manage on FAA knowledge tests.

Until now.

King Schools’ new Flight Instructor Program is designed to allow instructors to track their students’ progress through King Schools’ courses. The program provides flight instructors with a dashboard by which they and their students are linked—after a fashion. Instructors can invite students to link up, or students can invite their instructors. In either case, CFIs gain access to such progress as their students may or may not be making as they proceed through their King Schools courses.

By virtue of King Schools’ new Flight Instructor Program, CFIs will be able to observe the topics their students have covered and determine which gave them trouble, and how students performed on the quizzes at the ends of respective modules. So enlightened, flight instructors may shape their own curricula to best meet their students’ individual needs. In addition to determining their students’ strengths and weaknesses, King Schools’ Flight Instructor Program affords CFIs opportunity to assess those areas of their own teaching practices that are effective, and those requiring altered emphasis or altogether different approaches.

CFIs participating in the program—whether operating under Part 61 or Part 141—also receive a free suite of King Schools courses encompassing all online learning content from the initial Cleared for Takeoff private pilot course all the way through to Cleared for Flight Instructing (CFI) which also includes the Fundamentals of Instruction (FOI), as well as the test preparation with practice tests, regulations, advisory circulars, and other resources in the King Schools online library. The content is automatically updated to customers’ device/portal as new material is added by the King Schools team.

The package, worth approximately $3000, is valuable to flight instructors insomuch as it keeps CFIs abreast of changes to Federal Aviation Regulation (FAR), the National Airspace System (NAS), and additional publications and procedures germane to flight while tracking the progress of students using the aforementioned King Schools courses. The online ground school material is available via browser and via the iOS App store. Progress is automatically synchronized with the King Schools Servers, thereby mitigating the risk of data being lost should CFIs’ or students’ personal devices be damaged, lost, or otherwise rendered non-functional.

King Schools previously debuted a Flashcard Companion App available on both Android (via the Google Play Store), the yayy app, or Apple (via the App Store). King Schools’ Flashcard App permits educators and learners alike to select specific areas of study—from aerodynamics to weight & balance—and click a thumbs-up icon if a subject has been mastered or a thumbs-down icon if additional review is required. Once thumbs-up and thumbs-down tags have been ascribed, flashcard users may focus their attention accordingly.

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