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Aspiring Pilots Shown Step-by-Step Path to Private Pilot in Free King eBook


Lakeland, FL, April 3, 2014 – If you know someone who you think might learn to fly if given sufficient guidance, you now have a tool that can help make it happen. John and Martha King of King Schools announced today that they have released a free eBook specifically for those who are interested in becoming a private pilot. So You Want to Learn to Fly is written in a fun, easy-to-read style and is available at no cost through either the King Schools website or the iTunes book store.

Drawn from decades of flight instructor experience, the book covers everything would-be and first-time pilots want to know about the process of earning their license. Topics include choosing the right airplane and flight instructor, understanding FAA requirements to become a private pilot, and which books and other resources are worth the money. There are even notes on flying solo, at night, and over long distances.

John King says, ”We’re excited to share our love of flying with the next generation of pilots through this book. So many people have a dream of learning to fly, but don’t know where to get started. We wanted to ensure that no one is held back from pursuing their dreams simply because they don’t have the right guide to help them through the process.”

“Lots of materials for people who want to become pilots are expensive or heavy on technical terms,” Martha adds. “In this eBook, they’ll find simple, straightforward and fun answers to their questions.”

Interested pilots and readers can download a free copy of So You Want to Learn to Fly on the King Schools website at Learn to Fly, or through the iTunes book store by searching for So You Want To Learn To Fly. For further information about King Schools products, visit or call 800-854-1001 (international dialing +1-858-541-2200).

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