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CFIs Can Choose Their Lessons with the KING FIRC


San Diego, CA, August 10, 2015 — CFIs will appreciate ”having it their way” with the KING Online Flight Instructor Refresher Course (FIRC). The KING refresher now allows CFIs to select lessons from a set of electives. Electives are drawn from hot topics in flight training including teaching smart tablet use in the cockpit, using flight simulation to help pilots learn, and teaching icing survival.
“CFIs new to the KING FIRC can customize their course for what interests them, and returning CFIs can learn something new each time they come back for their refresher,” commented Martha King. “Flight instructors will find these electives interesting, relevant and sometimes provocative. It will make instructors thoughtful about how and what they teach their students,” John King commented. “This new approach will be truly refreshing and insightful for flight instructors,” concluded Martha.

The King Schools FIRC includes both Airplane and Helicopter versions, and runs on the iPad and all Windows, Mac and Tablet Web browsers. It sells for $99 without CFI renewal processing or $124.95 with processing included.

For more information, go to or call toll-free 1-800-854-1001 (worldwide +1-858-541-2200).

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