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Terry Carbonell Awarded the Inaugural National Association of Flight Instructors and King Schools Scholarship

April 6, 2017 Sun ‘n Fun, Lakeland FL – King Schools and the National Association of Flight Instructors (NAFI) have awarded their 2016 CFI scholarship to Terry Carbonell of Tavernier, Florida.  The award was presented at Sun ‘n Fun in Lakeland Florida.  This scholarship consists of $5,000 toward flight training and free, lifetime access to all King Schools courses.  The value is over $18,000.

Terry explains how she was inspired to take her path “In September of 2009 I was preparing to leave

my home in Alva, FL when fellow 99, Karen Candiani, called insisting I meet her for breakfast in Punta Gorda. I was flying anyway: heading to Miami to visit the cemetery where my husband, Mario, was buried. He died November 2008. I was lost after he died. He had been such a great business visionary that I thought I would go “talk” to him for inspiration on what to do for the next phase of my life.

Punta Gorda was an easy add-on leg. After some customary pleasantries, Karen offered me a job teaching youth at Charlotte High School as part of the ERAU dual enrollment aviation program. As the words rolled out of her mouth, a black, foggy cloud lifted from inside my head and the path for the next phase of my life was clear. I felt Mario had just spoken to me, telling me to teach children about aviation. It all made sense now: Mario’s dying wish was for me to get my pilot certificate so he could spend his last years in an airplane. Now I knew that his dying wish was really a gift he gave to me to share with others.”

Robert Meder, the Chairman of NAFI explained.  “Her inspirational story along with her accomplishments made Terry an easy selection.  Terry came to aviation after establishing herself in multiple careers.  She is an attorney, created construction and title companies, is a scuba instructor and flies low altitude mosquito control flights in Florida. Her ratings, hours and the number of aviation related organizations that she supports is extraordinary.”

John King added “Terry has logged more than 2,800 flight hours over 11 years, including more than 2,500 hours as Pilot in Command.  She has executed landings in all 50 states and made international flights to Bahamas, Canada and Mexico.  The aviation community benefits from her passion, commitment and fun she brings to teaching.”

Terry’s pilot qualifications include:

  • Airline Transport Pilot: Airplane Multiengine Land
  • Commercial Privileges: Airplane Single Engine Land and Sea;
  • Flight Instructor: Airplane Single Engine, Instrument Airplane
  • Ground Instructor: Advanced, Instrument
  • FL aerial applicator and Public Health certificates

Applications for the 2017 NAFI/King Schools scholarship will become available in August of 2017.  The deadline to submit scholarship applications will be January 2nd 2018.


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