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King Schools releases new “Airline Pilot Interview Prep Course”

Joe Muñoz outlines the Airline Pilot interview process on the new King Schools Airline Pilot Interview Prep Course

Aspiring Airline Pilots Now Have a Tool to Help Prepare for Their Interview of a Lifetime

 July 21, 2020 San Diego CA. – Pilots who are working toward a career as an airline pilot now have an inside track to ensure they achieve their dream job.  The King Schools Airline Pilot Interview Prep Course uses online video instruction to demonstrate effective interviewing strategy and tactics, and clearly shows each step of preparation needed to be chosen as the winning candidate.

While billed as an “airline pilot” interview course, this course covers skills needed for any pilot interview; and given the current conditions, pilots need every advantage they can get to ace their interview and get the job.

The course features instructor Joseph Muñoz. Joe is an industry recognized airline pilot instructor, Florida Tech graduate and professional airline pilot. Joe has over 4,600 hours of instruction given in B737 and A320 Level D motion simulators.

Joe said, “As a classroom and sim instructor for the Boeing 737 and Airbus 320 series airplanes, I saw a real need for pilots to have information that will help them in an interview that could determine the future of their career.  They might be the best pilot in the world.  But, if they cannot communicate that during an interview, the odds of them getting hired are not great. This course covers everything from the basics up to high level strategies to shine in every phase of the interview.”

King Schools CEO Barry Knuttila commented, “When this course was created, pilots were looking at an unprecedented hiring boom.  COVID-19 has changed the hiring landscape dramatically.  For the time being, airline pilot interviews will be hard to come by and the competition intense, making it essential to put in an all-star performance the first time. This course is just in time to give pilots the interviewing skills they need to succeed.  Joe is a highly accomplished pilot and excellent teacher. He’s also a lot of fun. We are thrilled to have Joe included in the roster of King Schools video instructors.”

The King Schools Airline Pilot Interview Prep Course ($179) can be purchased on the King Schools website or by phone and includes lifetime access and free updates. The course can be taken on any web browser or through the King Schools Companion App which allows online and offline access from an iPhone or iPad. For more information go to



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