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Colleges, and Universities Have a New Aviation Curriculum Partner

The Managers of the College & University program are Erik Taylor, Aviation Academic Specialist and Pamela Olson, Business Leader.

July 29, 2021 Oshkosh WI. – Colleges and universities now have available innovative products and a dedicated team of support personnel from King Schools.  The Cessna Pilot Training System – Classroom Edition (CPTS-CE) is a fully integrated classroom and flight training system that provides a turn-key solution for colleges and universities seeking to switch curriculum or develop a new aviation program.  The system also makes it easy to work with an external flight school by providing an online tracking system the works well with both the curriculum and the Part 141 approvable syllabus.


Pamela Olson, College and Universities Business Leader at King Schools explains, “The Aviation Education team at King Schools has developed a suite of classroom materials around the Cessna Pilot Training System’s Sport/Private Pilot course. The Classroom Edition integrates pre-built classroom sessions with a flight training syllabus, and includes PDF presentations, student workbooks, home study assignments, and flight preview videos. This set of tools is designed to reduce the average flight training time and produce more knowledgeable, confident pilots. The system also gives both classroom and flight instructors the ability to identify and surmount challenges students may have with flight training.”


Barry Knuttila, CEO of King Schools says, “As airline hiring increases, many schools are seeking to increase enrollment via startup aviation programs. This can be a difficult task so we have focused on providing an out-of-the-box solution that enables colleges and universities to quickly stand up a new aviation program or even revamp an existing one. King’s program can seamlessly integrate with an external flight school if needed and is adaptable to different semester lengths with customizable classroom and flight training materials. The system will also work with any aircraft type in the training fleet.”


The training system components are free to colleges, universities and partnering flight schools for the first year and then $299 a year afterward. That fee covers continuously updated classroom materials, technical support, and the Course Tracking Application.  Students must each acquire their own copy of the online video course with lifetime access with volume discount pricing available.


For more information contact Pamela Olson at King Schools –, (858) 576-6210. Or more information is available at

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